Induction/Mentoring Program

    The Bucks County Schools Intermediate Unit #22 prides itself on the professional education opportunities it provides to not only its faculty, but to all faculties throughout Bucks County.  In doing so, we believe one of the most important aspects of professional education for a newly hired teacher is that of the induction program.  This program has been developed in order to provide high quality staff development on current trends within a welcoming environment.  A continuous goal is to sustain professional growth through job-embedded opportunities throughout all educators’ careers.

    The Induction Program of the Bucks County Schools Intermediate Unit # 22 has a total of 10 professional development days over a period of two years.  Throughout these experiences, newly hired educators are immersed in conversation surrounding classroom management, technology, and available resources.  Inductees work closely with their respective mentors and and supervisors in order to insure a smooth transition into the Intermediate Unit.

    A unique aspect to this induction program is that of the second year experience.  During this time, inductees choose an area in which to learn more about.  The educators then design action research, pilot study projects, and/or independent study groups in order to have further discussion about the topic.

    It is the hope of the Bucks County Schools Intermediate Unit # 22 that the induction program will develop strong working relationships among inductees, mentors, and supervisors, through high quality, meaningful, job-embedded professional learning.