• Student Transportation


    Special Needs Transportation Services
  • Program Description

    At the request of Bucks County School Districts, special education students are transported to district, Intermediate Unit programs and approved private schools. Portal-to-portal transportation is provided with specialized services and equipment to accommodate the varying needs of all students with disabilities. Our service is provided effectively and economically to meet the IEP needs for every student.

    Vehicle Size: Some 48 passenger buses that are wheelchair equipped are used, but our primary vehicles are designed to carry no more than nine passengers.

    Primary Goal: Provide safe, cost efficient exemplary transportation services to meet the needs outlined in a student's individual education plan.

    Program Features

    Door-to-Door Service, No Road Crossing
    Seat Belts In All Vehicles
    Flexibility of Routes and Assignments
    Lift Equipment for Wheelchair Use
    Compliance with All Regulations, Driver and Vehicle
    Driver Training Programs and Inservices
    Adaptive Equipment
    Vigilant Maintenance Program for Vehicles
    Minimal Driver Turn-Over
    Substitute Drivers Familiarized with Routes and Conditions
    Program Supervision and Management
    Resource network for Specific Expertise
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