Program Description:

    This service is designed to make the link between a school district and Intermediate Unit operated classroom program and the community. It is primarily intended to help students with disabilities develop an experience base which will foster informed career decisions and lead to post-school training or employment. The program capitalizes on the employment training experience of the Intermediate Unit staff and the network that has been developed with employers and agencies. It is an adjunct to existing classroom programs.


    • Vocational Evaluator
    • Community Based Instructor
    • Special Emphasis Classroom Instructors
    • Travel Trainer
    • Job Coaches
    • Transition Coordinator
    • Transition Specialist

    Services Offered:
    • Vocational Assessment
    • Supervised work experience in real jobs
    • Community Related/Community Based
    • Instruction in Consumer Skills
    • Job placement through job coaching
    • Transition planning
    • Special emphasis - Short-term courses (i.e., Machine tool operation; Bench assembly; Building maintenance; Employability skills; Leisure skills)
    • Travel Training Assessment/Instruction

    Primary Goal:
    Facilitate the transfer of classroom training to that place in the community where skills are actually applied and to help students understand the relationship between earning power and quality of life, as well as employability.

    Program Features:

    • Expansion of Students Experience Base through Training Partnerships with Employers
    • Development of Career Focus Based on Experience and Formal Vocational Assessment
    • Development of an Appreciation between Earning Power and Quality of Life
    • Development of Skills Required to Function as a Full Citizen of the Community `
    • Articulation of Schools, Employers, and Agencies
    • Development of Grant Proposals and Training Partnerships
    • Transition Plan Preparation, Consultation, Training
    • Development of Travel Skills through Assessment and Training.

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