As mental health services areshifted from large institutional settings to smaller, community based services,residential treatment facilities (RTF's) are emerging in many Bucks Countyschool districts. All school age residents are eligible for special educationservices. The local school district in which the RTF is located may requestthat the Intermediate Unit provide these services. Adolescent residents exhibitsevere mental health disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, bi-polarillness, panic disorder, posttraumatic stress syndrome, or compulsivepersonality disorder.


    Students residing at an RTFrequire special education appropriate for pupils with a wide range ofindividual abilities and severity of illness. Programming is designed to meetthe needs of pupils with a wide range of cognitive abilities and instructionalneeds.


    Maximum class size is eightstudents who are supported by a teacher and an instructional assistant.


    Students receive instructionin accordance with the Central Bucks School District Curriculum. Relatedservices are provided in accordance with the students individualizededucational program. The students receive a full day of instruction. Inaddition to core content instruction, the students have art, health, PE, andcomputer instruction.

    2) Bucks County CorrectionalFacility/Bucks County Youth Center


    a) Bucks CountyCorrectional Facility

    The educational services atthe correctional facility are provided by one IU teacher. This individualsupports school age offenders during their incarceration. The teacher providesinstruction to all inmates in small groups. Instruction follows the CentralBucks School District curriculum.


    b) Bucks County YouthDetention Center

    The youth detention centerprovides educational services to juveniles who are detained by the courts whilethey are awaiting final sentencing or who are servicing their sentences on theResidential Services Unit (RSU).


    The students receiveinstruction in the core content areas, Health, PE, art, and computer science inaccordance with the Central Bucks SD curriculum.


    These students are supportedby 4 IU teachers.


    3) Partial HospitalProgram

    Partial Hospital Program

    The Partial Hospitalizationprogram provides tutorial services to students while they are receivingintensive clinical services. The educational personnel strive to help studentsmaintain and complete the course work from their home schools. The primary goalof this program is to ensure that the student does not fall behind in theiracademics while receiving the clinical services they require to resume attendanceat their home school. This program is staffed by four full time IU teachers andone assistant.


    4) Alternative VocationalTechnical Classes

    Alternative VocationalTechnical Classes

    These two classes are locatedat the Upper Bucks County Technical School and the Middle Bucks Institute ofTechnology. They serve students who require more intensive academic supports,counseling, and instruction in the development of problem solving skills. Thestudents spend half their day in the technical area and the remainder of theday in the IU class receiving instruction in the core content areas as requiredfor graduation and outlined by their home district. The students are supportedin the technical area by the IU teachers. These classes are staffed by two IU teachersand one instructional assistant.


    5)Voyages-"Vocational Opportunities for Youth Attaining Gainful EmploymentSkill"

    Voyages-"VocationalOpportunities for Youth Attaining Gainful Employment Skill”

    This new program is designedfor students age 18-21 years of age who have the aptitude to successfullyacquire skills in the vocational technical school with support andmodifications to the curriculum. The students must be jointly accepted by theMiddle Bucks Institute of Technology and the Bucks County Intermediate Unitupon referral by the home district. The goal of the new program is to providestudents with moderate disabilities who continue to have unmet transition needsin the areas of employment and independent living.


    This program is staffed by oneteacher and an assistant for eight students. Skills related to employment,independent living and social skills in addition to the technology curriculumwill be the focus of instruction.