• Institutionalized children’s program



    The Institutionalized Children’s Program provides instruction for students 5-21 years of age who have an Intellectual Disability along with physical and sensory impairments who are medically unable to attend school off grounds. There are currently three organizations that operate residential facilities for students with complex support needs: Pediatric Specialty Care, Pedia Manor and Ridgecrest Pediatrics.


    The program is oriented to developing skills and behavior that emphasize communication, functional math and reading skills embedded into daily living skills. Training and instruction emphasizes functional skills in the environmental domains of the home, domestic living, recreation/leisure, and vocational. Related services are provided in accordance with students’ Individual Education Plans.  


    Students are instructed in the following areas: Functional academics, daily living skills, (i.e. feeding, dressing, personal hygiene), communication skills, social and behavioral skills, gross motor skills and sensory stimulation.


    The primary goal is to:  Increase independent functioning through the development of each student’s cognitive, social, motor, and behavioral skills.



    ·     Functional Curriculum

    ·     Individual Assessment and Educational Planning

    ·     Transition Planning

    ·     Augmentative Communication Program

    ·     Structured Environment

    ·     Use of assistive technology

    ·     On-going Communication Between Teachers, Parents, Guardians and Residential Caregivers


    Certifications of Staff:  Special Education Certification