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    Name: Sarah J. Shoffler, Early Childhood Specialist
    Email Address: sshoffle@bucksiu.org
    Phone number: 1-800-770-4822 x2818

    My primary goal is to support parents and caregivers in applying for Medical Assistance for their young children with special needs.

    I hope you will visit our Facebook page (see link to the right) for current information about what's new in Early Childhood Services.

    I am involved with several other initiatives here at the Bucks County IU:

    - Child Find for children birth to 5 years - Child Find efforts ensure that all children who are in need of early intervention services are identified, screened, and when needed, evaluated.  The Bucks County Child Find Task Force includes early interventionists from across the County.  We review data on the number of children we serve in each school district, develop plans to reach children and families living in specific parts of the County, and create materials to use in our child find efforts.

    - Tender Bridges Advisory Council (TBAC) - The TBAC works to ensure collaboration between early childhood and primary educators of children ages 3 years to 8 years by sponsoring shared professional development. TBAC focuses on best practices for using the Early Learning Standards, promoting meaningful transitions to Kindergarten, and providing high quality early literacy programs.  Our next training is March 25, 2010. "Strategies to Support Social Competence" will lay the ground work for a second day of training on May , click here for registration.

    - Training for Paraeducators working with young children with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) in preschool early intervention - The Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA) requires that all paraeducators working with young children with disabilities receive 20 hours of relevant training per year.  Here at the Bucks County IU I am involved with developing relevant trainings and helping staff ensure that they have the required 20 hours of training they need each year.

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