• Welcome to the Special Education Division

    Special Education Support Bucks County

  • The Bucks County Intermediate Unit works in partnership with the thirteen school districts, three vocational technical schools and two charter schools within Bucks County to provide a continuum of special education supports and services for students with disabilities with the emphasis on those services being offered in the Least Restrictive Environment possible. The Intermediate Unit specializes in providing itinerant support services in the areas of speech and language, hearing, and vision with more than 6000 children receiving such services. In addition, the Intermediate Unit focuses efforts on providing programs and services for children with low incidence disabilities such as those with significant mental and physical challenges.

    Over the past twenty years the Intermediate Unit has built a strong reputation for providing premiere programs and services for students with disabilities on the Autism Spectrum ranging from itinerant support services within regular education to full-time programs. Increasingly as the Intermediate Unit staff continues to build and encourage local capacity within local schools, more district level programs have been developed.

    As the designated provider of specialized services for all eligible children with disabilities between the ages of three and five, the Intermediate Unit serves as the school district for more than 2500 children and families each year. Together with the early childhood providers in the county, our Early Childhood Services Program is dedicated to the provision of developmentally appropriate services and practices to enable young children to enjoy optimal cognitive, social, emotional and physical growth and development.

    The Intermediate Unit Special Education division is comprised of 1200 professional teachers, therapists, psychologists, social workers, behavior analysts, instructional assistants, job developers and coaches, secretaries and supervisors all dedicated to the children, families and school districts of Bucks County. We strive to provide the premiere innovative services that will encourage optimal growth and independence for all students of Bucks County.