• Assistive Technology Services

    Assistive Technology Services are provided through the BCIU assistive technology team assisting educators, students and family members as they select acquire, train and use assistive technology systems. The main areas of assistive technology covered by the team are: augmentative communication, writing tools/computer access, adapted switches, environmental controls, assistive listening equipment for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, and access technology for individuals with visual impairments. Assistive technology systems can range from low to high technology systems.

    Services provided through the assistive technology team and regional consultants include:
    • Regional and local training
    • On-site consultations
    • Trial loan periods/lending library
    • Consultations regarding district purchase of equipment for specific students as included in their written plan
    • SETT process

    All of these services focus on assisting the student’ local team as they assess and implement assistive technology equipment to meet the student’s educational goals.