Audiological services include pure tone testing, auditory processing disorder testing, impedance testing, otoacoustic emissions testing, loaner hearing aid and soundfield equipment, and classroom soundfield measurements. Audiologists identify and diagnose preschool and school-age children with hearing loss, middle ear disease, or auditory processing deficits.  Audiologists evaluate and select appropriate amplification systems including personal FM systems, digital hearing aids, and soundfield systems.  Inservices are provided to school districts and community groups on hearing loss and its educational impact.    If needed, referrals are made for further audiological, communication, educational, or medical assessment.

    The Primary Goal is to: identify hearing loss, assess the hearing status of previously identified children, and manage the amplification needs of the students.


    • Audiological testing
    • Auditory Processing Disorder testing
    • Impedance testing
    • Otoacoustic Emissions testing
    • Coordinate equipment used by school personnel for annual hearing screenings
    • Identify preschool and school-age children with hearing loss or middle ear problems
    • Monitor and assess the hearing status of previously identified students    
    • Monitor and improve classroom acoustics
    • Provide evaluations of hearing aids and personal FM systems
    • Provide parent counseling regarding hearing loss
    • Inservices for school district personnel and community groups on the implications of hearing loss for children
    • Ensure the proper fit and functioning of hearing aids, cochlear implants, classroom amplification, and assistive listening devices
    • Loaner hearing aid and soundfield system program