Elementary/secondary school age students appropriate for this program are served in regional classes throughout Bucks County. All programs offer a low student to teacher ratio, which permits instructional emphasis upon the development of skills in communication, behavior management, daily living, socialization and academic content areas. 

Maximum Full Time Class Size: Chapter 14 Regulations and Standards
Elementary and Secondary: - 8
Instructional Assistants: Provided for each program

Students are instructed in the following areas: Communication, behavioral management, academics, fine/gross motor, daily living skills, social and community living skills.

The Primary Goal is to:  Develop social, communication, behavioral, academic, and functional living skills in the least restrictive public education setting.

• Intensive Specially Designed Instruction in Social, Communication and Behavioral Skills
• Augmentative Communication as appropriate
• Behavior Management Support Services
• Parent Support Program
• Coordination with Regular Education Curriculum
• Program Supervision and Management
• Individualized Educational Planning
• Psychological Support Services
• Social Support Services and Community Based Instruction for Secondary Students
• Coordination with ESY Summer Autistic Program
• Staff Development/Training (Project TEACCH, PECS, Applied Behavior Analysis, Responsive Classroom, Social Stories, Crisis Prevention Intervention Competent Learner Model (CLM) and other emerging strategies)