Bucks County Intermediate Unit #22

Congratulations to our 2016 Bucks County Intermediate Unit Award Recipients and Years of Service Employees!
Our Award Recipients and Years of Service Employees will be honored at our Opening Day Ceremony on Monday,
August 22, 2016. Please scroll down to read the names of our Employee Recognition  and Years of Service Award Recipients for the 2015-2016 school year.
We applaud each of them with a special "Thank You" for all their hard work and dedication to our IU!

Award Recipients
Annie Sullivan Award Recipient
The purpose of this award is to recognize a teacher who exemplifies caring involvement with students with disabilities, and goes beyond the duties of the classroom in helping others in the school and community to understand and accept people with disabilities. Some examples may include involvement in the Special Olympics or participation in local groups for the students with disabilities. One person is recognized annually from each participating intermediate unit.

Kimberly Cronin
Teacher Support Specialist

The Ambassador Service Awards have been designed to recognize the valuable contributions being made by our employees. These contributions help to improve the service given by our Intermediate Unit to the schools and students of Bucks County. All IU Employees are eligible for nomination.
Angela Cassel
Program Coordinator Upper County Autism Suppor

Jen Jones
Instructional Assistant

A. William Vantine Leadership Award Recipient
A hallmark of A. William Vantine's leadership during 16 years as the Executive Director of the Bucks County Intermediate Unit, was his ability to create a shared vision, then work with others to make this vision real. He accomplished this through implementing creative administrative and supervisory practices, fostering programmatic innovations and by actively promoting programs to increase the reach and influence of the Intermediate Unit. The A. William Vantine "Excellence in Leadership Award" is intended to continue this rich legacy by recognizing a member of the Intermediate Unit staff who exemplifies the ideal of demonstrated leadership through innovative program development and implementation, or the promotion of Intermediate Unit programs. 
Kristin Harkness
School Psychologist

Richard O. Coe Rookie Scholarship Award Recipients
Richard O. Coe served the Bucks County Intermediate Unit 1972-2007 in the roles of teacher, supervisor, Special Education Director and as the Executive Director. In recognition of his life's work and celebration of his retirement in June 2007, the Bucks County Intermediate Unit Education Foundation will honor his distinguished career by dedicating two yearly scholarships in his name. The purpose of these awards is to recognize individuals in their early years of service to the Bucks County Intermediate Unit who demonstrate exemplary commitment to the field of education. Two individuals will be selected for these scholarships; one will be a professional staff member: a teacher, therapist, social worker or psychologist. The other will be an Intermediate Unit employee serving in a support capacity: Instructional Assistant, C-Print Captionist, Job Coach, Interpreter, Bus Driver, Administrative Assistant, etc. Each award will be in the amount of $500, to be used toward relevant professional development experiences. College courses, workshops or conferences are examples of appropriate uses of this scholarship. Events that occur during the academic calendar year must be approved by respective supervisors. 
Hillary FitzMaurice
Program Coordinator - Transition

Kelly Gibat
Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Renee Ricci
Staff Accountant
Years of Service
40+ Years
Catherine Mainon
Kathleen Pfeiffer
35 Years
Flemming Godiksen
Gwen Minotti
30 Years
Kathleen Boell
Sharon Schanbacker
Marie Woodson

25 Years
Cindy DeHaven
Jean Mancini
20 Years
Kimberly Evans
Trish Heberlig
Jacqueline Hetzel
Caryn Kadel
Lisa Litzenberger
Jennifer LoStracco
Jennifer Medveckus
James Olbrich
Dawn Perrine-Gonzales
JoAnn Perotti
Rebecca Pettineo
Kimberly Quinn
Linda Riddel
Lauren Riether
Julie Rossi
Karen Story
Kathleen Szatkowski
Kathleen Walker
Jonnette Zsolnay
15 Years
Maria Baldwin
Gay Balsam
Sara Bauer
Jacqueline Boyle
Anna Coletta
Pamela Cook
Mary Crooks
Megan Cruz
Kathleen Davis
Susan Delavan
Sharon Dixon
Samantha Duemig
Kathleen Farris
Irene Feingold
Patricia Fixler
Gerard Galloway
Maria Grimaldi
Lisa Hagenbuch
Jennifer Koenig
Melissa Kowalski
June Kruise
Cindy Margolis
Melissa Maurer
Gary McGrath
Christina Minsky
Shelly Mooney
Dolores O'Hara
Kristin Paluszka
Jeanette Pentecost
Margaret Reedy
John Rocco
Dianne Ross
Randee Segal
Karen Snare
Shirley Sottile
Nancy Stellwagen
Barbara Stephens
Dorothy Thomas
Kelly Ward-Weiner

10 years
Joyce Anthes
Susan Behner
Loretta Benedetto
Nicole Blaszczyk
Susan Boyd
Rachel Burkett
William Burmeister
Jaime Carradice
Mary-Ellen Clark
Michael Colucci
Bernadette Litz Colvin
Patrick Costello
Deborah Crawford
Katharine Croce
Gail Diorio
Janine Dolan
Sara Doyle
Elizabeth Duncan
Kathlene Eaby
Janine Erato
Timothy Flanagan
Barry Frank
Dawn Fulton
Robert Gombar
Melinda Gordon
Nancy Kampf
Susan Karpinski
Navdeep Kaur
Katherine Kay
Mary Kiersnowski
Cherryl Lieb
Jane Little
Susan McGarrity
Karen McLaughlin
Mary Mooney
Caroline Miller
Diana Miller
Adriana Nogami
Karen O'Sullivan
Jacqueline Pacini
Dorothy Peters
Nancy Pickwell
Christine Powers
Karen Provencher
Ellen Rutt
Karissa Shellenberger
Sarah Shoffler
Melissa Taylor
Robert Thornburg
Elizabeth Tusina
Jennifer Voorhees
Frances Wise
Cara Schoenmeier
Christina Williams
Kelly White
Once again, we applaud each of our recipients with a special "Thank You" for all their hard word and dedication to our IU!