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    Name: Elizabeth A. Ahlborn
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    Life Skills Support


    The Life Skills program serves students whose needs are more functional than academic. The program emphasizes functional academic, self-help, social and community living skills . The secondary level emphasizes training that prepares the student for transition to employment and adult community living. Instruction increasingly progresses from classroom to community based as the student approaches graduation in order to facilitate a transfer of skills from theory to practice.

    Maximum Full Time Class Size: Chapter 14 Regulations and Standards :
    Secondary: - 6

    Instructional Assistants: Provided for each program

    Students are instructed in the following areas: Functional Academics, Communication. Self-Help Skills, Skills of Independent Living; i.e., menu planning, budgeting, shopping, cooking, leisure skills, production, pre-employment and employment skills, specific job training.

    The Primary Goal is to: Prepare the student to work, live and function in the community as independently as possible.

    Related Services are included in the basic program.


    • Functional Academic Curriculum with Individualized Instructional
    • Community based Instruction to promote skill generalization in functional academic, recreation and leisure skills area
    • Transition Planning and Services: Job development, placement, coaching and mentoring
    • Vocational Assessment of Interests, Abilities, and Aptitudes
    • Consultative Therapeutic Services Model
    • Travel Instruction/Training
    • Communication and Social Skills Instruction
    • Facilitation of transition planning to adult services (MH/MR, OVR)
    • Program Supervision and Management
    • Alignment with PA Academic Standards through (PASA)
    Assessment .