• BucksIU Student Art Gallery 

    May 2017 

    Justin Martin is currently attending his first year at the Bucks County Intermediate Unit's W.O.W. Program, a Life Skills Transition Program for students 18-21.  His love of painting began when he was back in elementary school and he has been taking art classes ever since.  His favorite type of art is Pointillism and Impressionism.  Justin is honored to have his art displayed in the IU's Art Gallery.  Art is Justin's way of expressing his feelings and emotions.  Justin feels life would be "just plain boring without it."   

    Fiddler Crab on the Roof  

    The Fiddler Crab on the Roof

    The Fiddler Crab on the Roof is a story of a young fiddler crab in Old Russia.  Nobody was able to hear his violin music from anywhere because everyone was too busy to take the time to listen.  So he decided to play his song on a roof.  He played night and day, day and night, and he didn't stop until he got everyone's attention.  He played so beautifully, and everyone grew to love him and his music.  His family was very proud.  He became known as the Fiddler Crab on the Roof. 

     Bona Leasha

    Bona Leasha

    Bona Leasha is the most famous painting by Dognardo da Vinci. He wanted to paint Bona Leasha with a smile, but she refused to smile. He tried telling jokes and tickling her paws, but she would not smile. Finally, he gave her a bone and she miraculously had a mysterious smile. Dognardo leapt at the opportunity to paint with the look and called the painting The Bona Leasha.

     Mayor Teddy Bear

    Mayor Teddy Bear

    Mayor Teddy Bear was voted the most beloved mayor in all of Pet City. After winning his second mayoral election by a landslide, he began improvements to the city. He painted fire hydrants bright orange, issued an official referendum to cut taxes and changed health care reform. He even created harsher laws on robbery, parking violations, jaywalking, littering, and loitering. The people of the city believed Mayor Teddy Bear was the best Mayor in all of Pet City history.


    March 2017

    The artwork, which focuses on Picasso style self portraits, are from Kathy Walker's 7th grade class at Snyder-Girotti Elementary School in Bristol Borough. 

    January 2017

    jan2017  4 in 1
    The artwork, which focus on Cezanne landscapes, are from Kathy Walker’s 7th grade class at Snyder-Girotti Elementary School in Bristol Borough.  After studying the components of a landscape, our students drew three thumbnail sketches and selected one to enlarge to create a tissue paper collage in Cezanne style.

    October 2016 


    "The works shown here at our IU Student Art Gallery are on exhibit from Gwyn Berstein's 'Decisions Program at Delaware Valley University'.
     The Individual Thinker
    Growing Our Future
     Success Celtic


    June 2016 

    Vangogh Faces  

    "Vincent Van Goghs’ Almond Blossoms" (by Taliyah)

    Brain Steps Program at Council Rock North

    Teacher: Jen Czaplicki

    Materials: Foam Core board with Tempera paint



    ‘Foil Faces’

    Student art work from Pennsbury High School MDS program

    Teacher: Lauren Wheeler

    Materials: Foam Core board and Aluminum Foil



    May 2016

    Student Art Gallery

    Student Art  Student Art Student Art  
     Student Art  Student Art Student Art  

    Artwork from Bucks County Intermediate Unit students in the
    Truman High School Autistic Support Program.  
    These paintings are inspired by Van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms.

    Teacher:  Wendy Fuchs

    March 2016


    Quilts made by the MDS Students of the

    Bucks County Intermediate Unit Class at

    Pedia Manor Milford Square Facility

    Teacher: Cheryl Hersch

    January 2016

    Secondary Color PatternsSecondary Color Patterns
    By S.
    Samuel Everitt
    STIT Program
    Mondrian Composition in Red, Yellow and BlueMondrian Composition in Red, Yellow and Blue
    By Q. & B.
    Warwick House
    Residential Emotional Support Program
    Van Gogh Sunflower CompositionVan Gogh Sunflower Composition
    By J.
    Samuel Everitt
    Autistic Support Program
    By Q.
    Warwick House
    Residential Emotional Support Program