• Bucks County IU Project MAX Mission Statement


    As members of the Bucks County IU Project Max Team, we will promote change when developing instruction for our students with complex instructional needs by enlightening members of our learning community about our passion for presumed competence for all. We will advocate for maximized access to general education curriculum and standards aligned instruction by sharing our knowledge, ideals and professional learning experiences with our colleagues, parents, leaders, and educational professionals.


    Our Vision for our…


    Students:  Students will benefit, as the members of BCIU Project Max team, as we increase the capacity of our schools to provide all students with maximum access to and learning aligned to the general education curriculum and the PA Core standards.  Students will be provided with the technological resources, such as assistive technology, as necessary in order to maximize access, participation, and progress in learning.


    Parents and Community Members: We will instill in our community the high expectations of achievement for all students, and promote student growth and achievement in all areas, including academic content.


    Education Professionals:  Education Professionals will acquire the knowledge and skills to be able to effectively teach to the PA Core standards. We will work collaboratively with our colleagues and our para-educators to plan and deliver effective instruction that meets the needs of diverse learners in our schools. 


    Leadership:  Leaders will have the competencies to implement policies, practices, and procedures that support the learning and success of all students.