• Comprehensive CPR, First Aid and AED Training by the Emergency Care and Safety Institute.  Certificates are good for two years.

    The BCIU is now only offering CPR and First Aid training as a hybrid workshop.  This means that the first part of the workshop is taken online (knowledge) and the second part is face-to-face (demonstration of skills).   You must complete the knowledge portion of the test before you attend the face-to-face demonstration of skills.

    Steps to follow:

    1. Register online here for the date you want to demonstrate the skills you acquired.

    2. Two weeks before the date of the demonstration of skills portion of the workshop, you will be sent an email with an access code and directions on how to log on to the ECSI website and participate in the knowledge portion of the workshop. 

    3. You will be required to take an online test at the end of the knowledge portion.  Upon successful completion of this test, you will receive a certificate.  You will print out your certificate.  You must bring the certificate with you to the skills portion of the workshop.

    4. You will receive an email a few days before the demonstration of skills portion of the workshop as a reminder.

    5. Go to the face-to-face skills class.  Time is open ended.  You may come anytime between the hours listed.  It should only take 10-15 minutes for you to show the instructor the skills you have mastered through the online learning.  There will be a sign in sheet for verification of your attendance. 

    6. You will be presented with a CPR/First Aid card at the successful completion of your demonstration of skills.  

    NOTE: BCIU #22 employees must make a copy of the CPR card they will receive and send the copy in the Human Resource Department at the main office.

    Cut off date for registration is two weeks (approximately) before Demonstration date.

    List of Upcoming CPR Training Dates
    Click here to register.