The Bucks County Transition Coordinating Council (TCC) meets several times a year to enhance interagency communication and develop creative solutions that promote a smooth transition for students with disabilities to meaningful life beyond high school. The members of the TCC collaborate to fill gaps, avoid duplication, and initiate programs to provide for this smooth transition. The Council sponsors workshops, informational meetings and other programs designed to support students, parents, teachers and others involved in the Transition process.
    Upcoming Meetings:
    Location:   Bucks County IU #22 705 North Shady Retreat Rd. Doylestown, PA 18091 
    Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. 
    Room:  Will be posted at the building entrance on the LCD monitor. 

    Dates:     Wednesday October 7, 2015
                   Wednesday November 4, 2015
                   Wednesday January 13, 2016
                   Wednesday April 20, 2016

    Meeting Agendas will be sent out approximately 1 week prior to each meeting.  


     EmployAbility Expo 2013


    • Create an information network to promote understanding of the differences between services provided in the educational system and the agency providers of services to high school graduates and adults after age 21.

    • Increase options for students in all areas of transition, including employment, community living and post-secondary educational opportunities.

    • Enhance ties between school curriculum and post-school outcomes to prepare students for a smooth transition.

    • Establish a forum for all agencies to exchange information.

    • Support council members in reaching common goals through special programs and projects.

    • Promote awareness and information about best practice in transition.

    • Generate options that individual agencies cannot provide independently.




    The Transition Coordinating Council is comprised of representatives of Bucks County schools districts, community agencies and businesses.  Throughout the year, the TCC organizes several resources and activities to serve Bucks County students and parents in the Transition process.
    Post-Secondary Opportunities Expo is held annually in the fall.  Students are invited to attend a key note presentation and to interact with representatives of varied post secondary educational organizations including colleges and universities, vocational/technical training programs, employers, adult service providers, recreation and leisure service providers, and agencies that support independent living.
    The EmployAbility Expo is held in the spring.  At this Expo, students will experience the formal job interview process with Human Resource professionals who will provide immediate feedback related to students’ interview skills, attend a formal luncheon that includes listening to a key note speaker, be expected to navigate and follow a schedule of interviews, break-out sessions and exhibits, all of which will provide experiences that are not available in the classroom.  This opportunity provides each student with a realistic view of the “world of work.”
    In addition to these two events, the Transition Coordinating Council publishes a list serv.  This forum allows individuals and agencies to send information and announcements to be shared with all those who subscribe.  This allows for efficient sharing of Transition related news and events going on locally, at the state level and nationally. To subscribe to the list serv email Jamie Lill at: jlill@bucksiu.org.
    Lastly, the Transition Coordinating Council publishes a valuable resource guide. “Moving On” provides young adults, their parents and school staff with a directory of transition resources. This includes information about agencies, programs, and services involving job training and employment, post-secondary educational resources, recreation and leisure activities, independent living, and transportation information.  The resource directory provides descriptions of services and contact information to assist in planning for independent living, employment and adulthood.  This resource is available on the web to view or download as a pdf at: MOVING ON DIRECTORY
    For further information about the Bucks County TCC or anything listed here, please contact:

    Jamie Lill, jlill@bucksiu.org
    Denise Distel, ddistel@bucksiu.org