• Act 48 of 1999

    As professionals in an ever-changing knowledge-based society, the state's educators are required to continuously upgrade their skill set - just as it is an expectation for lawyers and doctors. Pennsylvania's professional development law, known as Act 48 of 1999, describes the requirements that apply to all certified educational professionals.

    Every five years, all certified educators must complete 180 hours of professional development that is related to an area of the professional educator's assignment and certification and, if the educator is employed by a school entity, complies with the school entity's professional education plan. The 180 hour requirement can be met with six college credits, six credits of continuing professional education courses, 180 clock hours of continuing professional education, or any combination of collegiate studies, continuing professional education courses or other programs, activities, or learning experiences equivalent to 180 hours. For the purposes of calculating hours and credits, one credit of collegiate study or continuing professional education course is equivalent to 30 hours of continuing professional education.

    The Bucks County Schools Intermediate Unit # 22 is an approved provider of Act 48 hours in the state of Pennsylvania.  In order to assist certified educators in attaining these hours, the Bucks County Schools Intermediate Unit # 22 plans, provides, and evaluates a large variety of professional learning experiences.  These experiences include conferences, continuing professional education courses, and hundreds of workshops approved for Act 48.