• Accidents Police

    If an accident or emergency situation happens the following procedures will be followed:

    1. The driver will immediately call 911 and then the transportation office to report the accident indicate its severity and receive further directions and instructions.

    2. Transportation office personnel will contact the school nurse, other school officials and parents.

    3. EMT personnel arriving at the scene of the accident will, depending on the severity of the accident, determine if emergency medical treatment is necessary.

    4. If the accident occurs on a bus transporting students to school, every student on the bus will be examined by a school nurse who will notify parents and/or make other referrals as required by the severity of the injuries.

    5. If the accident occurs on a bus transporting students home, the police and/or driver will make any necessary decisions regarding injured students (need for ambulances, etc.) and the Transportation Office will call the parents of the injured students. Parents who have any questions regarding the accident should call the Transportation Office at #215-348-2940 x1261.