• Home Based Behavioral Program Guidelines

    Programming in the home provides an opportunity to work in close partnership with parents to meet the needs of their child.  To insure the success of home-based services, it is important that the roles of both parents and service providers be clearly stated.

    The IU staff and parent responsibilities described below will insure that your child’s home based program is carried our effectively, safely, and with your full participation.  Please review the guidelines with the IU staff members providing services for your child (e.g., behavioral consultant and assistants).

    IU Staff is expected to:

    1. Call in advance to schedule sessions and team meetings and schedule ongoing home based services.
    2. Provide voice mail and phone numbers needed to reach IU staff.
    3. Arrive 5 minutes before appointment.
    4. Begin instruction or consultation immediately.
    5. Provide a brief verbal report at the end of the activity or session.
    6. Provide ongoing progress information in a way agreed to by parent(s) and IU staff (e.g., data).
    7. Answer question sat the end of the session or as soon as possible by telephone or refer to the appropriate source.
    8. Plan with parent show they will participate in lesson (if applicable).
    9. Provide parents with activities they can carry out with their child (if applicable).
    10. Assist parents in carrying out activities agreed to by parent(s) and IU staff.
    11. Call 24 hours in advance to cancel an appointment and reschedule the appointment as soon as possible.
    12. Plan with parent show off-site instruction will be conducted (if applicable).  Off-site instruction must be authorized by the consultant supervising the program prior to taking the trip.  Parent or guardian required.
    13. Call to cancel appointment when staff is ill and reschedule as soon as possible.
    14. Check with parent(s) prior to giving child food items.

    Parents are expected to:

    1. Receive IU staff member at the agreed upon time and place.
    2. Remain in the home or at field trip location during the instructional visit.
    3. Have child ready for activity upon arrival of IU staff.
    4. Set aside an area for activity or instruction.
    5. Avoid the use of radio, television, and other potentially distracting equipment in the instructional area.
    6. Insure that pets are properly supervised and restricted from the instructional area.
    7. Limit access of siblings to the instructional area.
    8. Plan with staff how parents will participate in program activities.
    9. Attempt to carryout activities recommended by service providers.
    10. Call 24 hours in advance to cancel an appointment.
    11. Call to cancel appointment if child is ill (see Health and Safety Policy).
    12. Transport child to authorized off-site instruction sessions and participate in sessions.
    13. Provide health and allergy information to IU staff.