• Mission Statement

    Bucks County Intermediate Unit Mission Statement
    As educational innovators, we ensure optimal growth of all learners by collaborating with our school districts and community to initiate, design, and deliver exemplary leadership, teaching and learning.

    Our Shared Values & Beliefs

    • We believe that all people have a right to a high quality public education.

    • We believe that all people can learn and the limits of individual learning are unknown.

    • We believe that all life has dignity and is interdependent.

    • We believe that all people have the fundamental right to be different.

    • We believe that all work has dignity.

    • We believe that all people are responsible to and for each other.

    • We believe in the principles of democracy embodied in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    • We believe that society has an obligation to provide for the welfare of children.

    • We believe that each individual possesses absolute intrinsic worth.

    • We believe that risk-taking increases the potential for growth and excellence.

    • We believe that communication is essential to mutual understanding.