•  2018 STEM Design Challenge Bucks County Dates:
    March 6: Grades 4-5 Competition 
    March 7: Grades 6-8 Competition
    *Both competitions will be held at the Bucks County Intermediate Unit #22.
    **please copy and paste these web addresses**
    Grades 4-5 Registration https://BCIU.formstack.com/forms/2017_sdc_45_copy
    RUBRICS for 2018:
    Elementary 4-5 PDF Rubric
    Middle School 6-8 PDF Rubric
    Important Registration Information (Specific to the Bucks County Competition):
    • Each team competition is limited to 65 teams (65 grades 4-5 teams AND 65 grades 6-8 teams!).
    • Each school building may register two teams for the grades 4-5 competition and/or two teams for the grades 6-8 competition.
    • Registration must be completed separately for each team that a teacher is registering.
    • Registration will automatically close once 65 teams have been registered.
    • Each teacher is able to register one additional chaperone.
    • Each school building must provide a judge in order to participate in the STEM Design Challenge. If you do not send a judge, your teams will not be able to participate.
    • Be ready to submit your judge's name when you register your team(s). (See below for information regarding judges.)
    Important Information for Chaperones:
    1. If a school would like to participate in the Bucks County STEM Design Challenge, they must send at least one designated judge to the competition (a STEM professional from their community, a lead STEM teacher, etc.).
    2. Parents are not permitted to attend the STEM Design Challenge. As much as we would love to welcome all parents, our capacity at the IU simply cannot accommodate that many people. We are happy to take photos and videos that you may share with parents, as long as you have permission to photograph students (which leads to item #3…).
    3. We would like to take photos and videos of the students as they build and compete. Please bring a roster list with you on the day of the competition, showing which students you have media clearances for. We will ask for this list at the time of registration.
    4. All student teams must arrive with their own KNex kit/ parts- we will not have extras available on the day of the competition.
    5. Students and chaperones are asked to bring a brown bag lunch.
    6. Chaperones may not order food to be delivered at the Bucks IU.

    2018 Challenge 

    Thermo Fisher Scientific has asked your team for help developing a new product for your home. This product can be anything that you can use in your home and it must be environmentally friendly. Thermo Fisher Scientific is working to make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer. This product could be (but is not limited to) a new way to power your home, a new type of appliance, or a new gadget for home entertainment. Be creative!

    Additional Middle School Challenge

    Teams competing in the grades 6-8 division will also be asked to present a budget of their project.  They will need to inventory each K’Nex piece they use and list a price for each piece.  They will need to present their inventory and an overall cost of their project.

    2018 State-Wide Rules:

    • A team of 4 students will work together on the project.
    • Each project must use at least 1 motor.
    • Teams may use up to 1400 pieces.  Any pieces, as long as they are K’Nex, may be used.
    • Schools must bring their K’Nex kits on the day of the competition.
    • Students will have 2 hours to put together their project at the competition. 
    • No pieces may be brought to the competition already joined.
    • Each team will need to bring a journal and a blueprint to the competition.
    • Each team will need to prepare a presentation (max 2 minutes) on their model and how they answered the challenge.  Middle school students will also need to present their inventory.
    The top team in each division (grades 4-5 and grades 6-8) from Bucks County and from across the state will be invited to compete in a state competition on May 18, 2018.
    Tentative Schedule for the Competition:
    9:00 AM        Team Arrival & Registration
    9:30 AM        Welcome/ Competition Overview
    9:45 AM        Student Competition
    11:45 AM       Student Lunch
                           Judging of Projects
    12:30 PM       Awards Ceremony
    1:00 PM         Clean Up & Dismiss
    If you have any questions about the STEM Design Challenge, please contact Dr. Lindsey Sides at 215-348-2940, ext. 1460, or lsides@bucksiu.org.