Email Services

The Bucks County Intermediate Unit provides e-mail services for it's employees and district partners.    The BCIU mail server uses a Barracuda Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus firewall and the ClamAV anti-Virus engine as well as using realtime blocklists to prevent receipt of junk e-mail from known spam sources and open relays.   

The BCIU mail server provides POP, IMAP and webmail  interfaces to email and can be accessed by almost any standard email client software on Windows, Macintosh and hand held smart devices such as Blackberry and iPhone.

The mail server name for incoming and outgoing mail is:

To access the web-based mail client vist:

Click on the name of the Mail program you use to download and view an Adobe Reader .PDF document that describes step-by-step how to set up your mail program to access our mail server.  You may also print the document and use it as a guide for fixing your email program settings.