BCIU #22 Student Art Gallery 

January 2017

jan2017  4 in 1
The artwork, which focus on Cezanne landscapes, are from Kathy Walker’s 7th grade class at Snyder-Girotti Elementary School in Bristol Borough.  After studying the components of a landscape, our students drew three thumbnail sketches and selected one to enlarge to create a tissue paper collage in Cezanne style.

October 2016 


"The works shown here at our IU Student Art Gallery are on exhibit from Gwyn Berstein's 'Decisions Program at Delaware Valley University'.
 The Individual Thinker
Growing Our Future
 Success Celtic


June 2016 

Vangogh Faces  

"Vincent Van Goghs’ Almond Blossoms" (by Taliyah)

Brain Steps Program at Council Rock North

Teacher: Jen Czaplicki

Materials: Foam Core board with Tempera paint



‘Foil Faces’

Student art work from Pennsbury High School MDS program

Teacher: Lauren Wheeler

Materials: Foam Core board and Aluminum Foil



May 2016

Student Art Gallery

Student Art  Student Art Student Art  
 Student Art  Student Art Student Art  

Artwork from Bucks County Intermediate Unit students in the
Truman High School Autistic Support Program.  
These paintings are inspired by Van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms.

Teacher:  Wendy Fuchs

March 2016


Quilts made by the MDS Students of the

Bucks County Intermediate Unit Class at

Pedia Manor Milford Square Facility

Teacher: Cheryl Hersch

January 2016

Secondary Color PatternsSecondary Color Patterns
By S.
Samuel Everitt
STIT Program
Mondrian Composition in Red, Yellow and BlueMondrian Composition in Red, Yellow and Blue
By Q. & B.
Warwick House
Residential Emotional Support Program
Van Gogh Sunflower CompositionVan Gogh Sunflower Composition
By J.
Samuel Everitt
Autistic Support Program
By Q.
Warwick House
Residential Emotional Support Program