Promise Program

An Academic and Mental Health Partnership

Launching Fall 2015

Serving a Variety of Students

  • Students at-risk of dropping out as a result of mental health needs.
  • Students who are chronically placed on homebound instruction for mental health reasons.
  • Students with truancy charges resulting from mental health issues.
  • Students in need of mental health services that do not meet the referral requirements for AEDY placement. Students who may be transitioning to or from their regular school setting and a mental health hospital or acute partial hospitalization program.

Individualized Supports 

  • Assessment of the appropriate level of supports and services, in collaboration with mental health staff.
  • Coordination with local school district administrative, instructional, guidance, and support staff.
  • Facilitation of academic programming needs using local district curriculum and/or online learning options for regular instruction, remediation, and/or credit recovery.
  • Academic instruction based on district requirements leading to course credit completion and graduation.
  • Embedded and integrated mental health counseling and therapeutic services. Intensive support for students transitioning to or from mental health settings.

Tiered Service Options

  • Supportive itinerant academic and mental health services within the student's regular school setting.
  • Coordination of mental health services & community agency services.
  • Coordination of academic support services. Facilitation of online learning options, if appropriate.

Coming Soon...

  • Short-term, site-based mental health services and rigorous academic programming.

For More Information

Regina Carpenter, Supervisor of Special Education
Dr. Caroline Tisot, Promise Program Coordinator